Think You Can’t Stop Smoking, Think Again

You Can Stop Smoking!



Over the years, we have met countless individuals who have a whole list of reasons why they can’t stop smoking.  They think that they’re “too addicted”.  They tell us that they smoke too much and have smoked for too long.

They’re worried about withdrawal.  They don’t believe that any kind of stop smoking therapy could work for them. What these individuals are actually doing is filling their minds with negative thinking and setting up obstacles to their own success. 

Our philosophy is that people need to be very careful about how they are thinking in these circumstances.  It’s pretty simple.  If we think we can’t, we can’t;  if we think failure, we fail.

“For as we think, so will we do. Guard well the portals of the mind; Let no discouragement seep through, Let doubt no lodgment find.”

“More than’s been done can still be done, Think this, and thinking then believe; So may the greatest goal be won Go on, think right, work hard, achieve.”

The ideas that James Allen shared in his book, “As A Man Thinketh” are so true.   Allen believed that people with determination and a vision of what they want to accomplish cannot be stopped.  Understanding this principle is really critical to the success of anyone trying to stop smoking.

Once You Believe It’s Possible, Then What?

In fact, to learn to effectively use our mind to our advantage is probably the single most important element of success in stopping smoking.   To envision the benefits of quitting smoking and to focus our attention on the long-term rewards, we can dramatically increase the motivation to quit.  When thoughts about the difficulties of quitting are lessened, our enthusiasm increases dramatically.

Whether it’s working with smokers or people with other kinds of addictions, it’s always rewarding for us to see clients mentally enlarge the importance of the things that are good for them.  The Stanford Method of Smoking Cessation incorporates this principle along with guided meditation to make success very achievable.  (Go on, think right, work hard, and achieve.  You can stop smoking).



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