A Question From Our Weight Reduction Program: “What about women over forty and weight loss?”

Can We Still Lose Weight?

A Woman On the Go


It seems like someone asks us about weight loss for women over forty at least once a week at one of our Weight Reduction Program classes.  The answer to  this weight loss question is complicated.

New research out of Monash University in Australia demonstrates that as we age key appetite control cells in the brain degenerate causing increased hunger!

According to Dr. Zane Andrews, from Monash University:

“People in the age group of 25 to 50 are most at risk. The neurons that tell people in the crucial age range not to over-eat are being killed-off.  When the stomach is empty, it triggers a hormone… that notifies the brain that we are hungry. When we are full, a set of neurons… kick in.

However, free radicals created naturally in the body attack the… neurons. This process causes these neurons to degenerate over time, affecting our judgment as to when our hunger is satisfied.”

When older women report that they are always feeling hungry and can’t lose weight this research would seem to back up their claim.  So, when a woman over the age of forty gains weight because of habitual overeating, it may well be that the mechanism that tells us not to eat when we are full is degenerating.

So, are all women over forty forever relegated to shopping in the plus size department?

We have heard over and over again that the only way to get to a healthy weight is to eat moderately, eat healthfully and to find the time to exercise several times a week.  It makes sense but only when you can plan, when you’re not tired and not always thinking of food.

What can be done?

Our Weight Reduction Program helps to adjust the pathways in your brain so that you can feel satisfied with adequate portions of healthy food.  We can help you to enjoy eating  healthier, to eat reasonable portions, to follow your plan, to get moving and to stay motivated!

So while you may have all kinds of things going on in your brain that make it harder to lose weight, our method works with your brain to neutralize this effect.  I’m glad to say that my answer is a positive one.  Yes, women over forty can lose weight and they can do it without feeling constantly hungry or distressed. Our Weight Reduction Program focuses on giving you the psychological weaponry so that you can finally achieve your weight loss  goal even for women over forty!

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