From our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Six Simple Rules form our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

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Knowing that “Weight Reduction” is part of our Corporate Wellness Program, people are constantly asking us to recommend “a diet”.  This is the plan that we recommend- whether or not you are at your ideal weight.

It is a philosophy that we’ve refined over the years but we also have to give credit to Michael Pollan, the author of “Food Rules”, for helping us to fill in some missing pieces.

Here Are Our Six Rules of Healthy Weight Reduction:

1. Eat real foods: Eat food that your great-grandparents would recognize (no Pop Tarts; no Go-Gurt).  Do not buy food from the place where you buy your gasoline.

2. Eat when you’re hungry:  Don’t skip meals – eat every 4 to 5 hours – to balance your blood sugar and to maintain adrenal rhythm.

3. Get a little sunlight each morning: Natural sunlight resets your hypothalamus, and creates circadian congruence. 

4. Remember to relax daily: We all need to hit the “pause” button every day.  It helps to meditate, use deep breathing, and exercise.

5. Get your fiber:  Fiber also stabilizes blood sugar. You need at least 45 grams per day.

6. Enjoy the food that you do eat: Eat healthy, delicious food; no diet food; no prepackaged meals and no fat free food.  (See Rule #1)

Following this basic plan from our Corporate Wellness Program– “Weight Reduction” , along with drinking plenty of water and moving more will help almost anyone attain and maintain a healthy weight and vitality.

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