Testimonials from Our Weight Reduction Clients

Success Stories from our Stanford Method Weight Reduction Clients:

“I was a emotional eater; addicted to dark chocolate.  I ate chocolate bars and chocolate cake every day.  It caused me to go from a comfortable size 12 to a size 16 (on the way to becoming a size 18).” “After my first session, the constant cravings were gone.  It was so fundamentally easy for me. 

“This program works and it was just what I needed.”  -Anne Marie I.


“I was a emotional eater.  I knew that I had the knowledge to lose weight but couldn’t understand why I couldn’t put my knowledge to work.  I’m a reasonably intelligent woman with a fair amount of will power but I could only keep to whatever program was fashionable at the moment for a short time before I was back to my self destructive ways.”

“One day I was watching the Ellen Show and she did a segment on stopping smoking.  Hearing Ellen’s story, something in my mind clicked, ‘I need to change my thinking’.”

“I met with Pat Stanford and the rest is an amazing story.  My life is turning around in every aspect.  Not only am I more in control of everything: exercising, work and even flossing (my teeth)!  I have had great results and every day it gets easier and more natural, less thinking involved to do and eat the right thing.”

“I am proof that this works!”  -Kathleen P.


“I was a emotional eater.  When I first met Pat Stanford, … I was a 290 pound, single, sedentary man who dealt with stress by eating my way through it.  Even though I didn’t know if this could work, I sought out the help because I had failed at most of the popular diets on the market.”

“I was very skeptical in the beginning… I was about to try to cancel my future appointments when I noticed some of my habits had changed after just one session.  I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see my weight had dropped with what seemed like no effort at all!  It was at that moment that I realized that this method really does work.”

“I continued meeting with Pat for a little over a year.  My initial goal was to lose weight.  During my sessions with Pat, that goal changed from ‘lose weight’ to ‘be as fit and healthy as possible’.  Health and fitness were foreign concepts to me before I met Pat; now they are my passion.”

“Each personal session worked on a particular challenge that I was encountering, and it wasn’t always weight loss.  There were times when Pat realized my stress level was too high for me to achieve my goals, so we worked on stress relief.”

“As I sit here typing this 14 months after my first session, I am no longer that 290 pound, sedentary man.  Rather, I am a 212 pound, extremely active, fitness nut in a healthy, happy relationship, that can handle his stress!  I owe my life to Pat Stanford!”

“Thank you Pat.  I am no longer a food addict!”  -Brian E.