Visualize Your Goals and Conquer Negativity

Visualization Can Help Us to Become More Optimistic                                      

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How can you possibly visualize your goals when your mental chatter is constantly negative?  The first step is to become aware of the mental chatter or what we like to call our negative mantras.  “This will never work out!  I am destined to be a failure.!”

If we’re aware enough to notice when we are dwelling on the negative, we can work on changing that state of mind.  When we do begin that shift, we’ll find that we are also moving away from discouragement and moving toward a more empowered state of mind where our goals seem possible.  

Without question, people who feel resourceful consistently make smarter decisions than those who constantly find themselves in the throes of negativity and catastrophic thinking.  Incredibly, life seems to get better almost immediately as thoughts improve.

As you might have guessed, maintaining this positive state of mind takes practice.  Old beliefs and programs that exist at a deep level may not support you and might even crop up to sabotage your best efforts.

For example, if you have attempted to lose weight, but keep gaining back what you just lost – it may be that you have deep programming that is sabotaging your success. 

Visualizing Your Goals:

Fortunately, there are powerful ways to stay strong in the face of these barriers.  One of the most powerful techniques is to simply close your eyes and picture a time in the future when you expect things will be much better. Visualize your goals or the events in your life going the way you want them to go.

The most effective way of doing this for a beginner is to pick a six-month goal, one that seems reachable but slightly out of reach.   This will train your brain to stretch a bit without generating a lot of resistance. 

Can you imagine yourself six-months from today having achieved your goal?  Use your creativity to vividly envision things unfolding ideally and at the same time emotionally connect to how good you will feel once they do.  As you spend a few minutes “watching this inner movie”, positive emotions will begin to flow very naturally.  

This process can be very enjoyable.  Visualize your goals every day until the visualized goal begins to alter the outdated beliefs and programs. 

Attending one of our seminars or working with us one on one, you can learn to master visualization and other powerful techniques to stay anchored to a more positive vision of your future. These techniques make it much easier to change limiting beliefs and to stay motivated no matter how big the barriers initially appear to be.

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