A Lesson in Visualization From the Olympics

Visualization for Success 


Visualization is a very powerful force.   When  practiced consistently, visualization techniques bring to life the dreams of Olympic athletes as well as those of us who are merely spectators.  It can truly help us to change years of negative thought patterns into patterns of excellence and achievement.

Tara Lipinski at just six years of age, decided to play at being figure skater while watching the Olympics on TV.  Tara was standing on a chair when her Mother asked what she was doing. The future skating champion replied, “I’m standing on the podium at the Olympics receiving my gold medal.”

Many elite athletes routinely use visualization techniques as part of their training. There are many stories of athletes who have used these techniques to cultivate a competitive edge and a heightened sense of well-being and confidence.  Of course, these factors have been shown to contribute significantly to an athlete’s performance.

Like Tara Lipinski, when someone begins to consistently visualize a specific goal, they are giving it a power that sets the stage for success.  This consistent focus actually trains the brain to move forward- to make that goal a reality.

For athletes and anyone with a goal for that matter, we become what we think about and visualize.  The human brain has an amazing feature called the reticular activating system.  It operates non-stop to let in information appropriate to our current intentions.

When we form inspired goals and they’re linked to powerful emotions, the reticular activating system filters out the things that you don’t need and lets in those resources you do need—  skills, ideas and possibilities. Those resources existed before, but we just weren’t aware of them.

Visualization is an Important Component of Everything That We Do at the Stanford Method

It enables our clients to become aware of the valuable resources that match their beliefs and align with their goals. They are then able to perceive opportunities, attract supportive people, and develop the mind set that accelerates their success.  Learning to use visualization is key whether your dream is to skate in the Olympics or to realize your own unique goals.




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