Testimonials from our Stress Management Clients

Success Stories from the Stanford Method’s Stress Management Clients:

“I am no longer stressed out.  Working with this this program, exceeded my expectations.  I came in hoping to relax a little deeper.  Instead, I not only learned relaxation but I learned how to let go of dysfunctional thoughts and live a happier life.”

” What a transformation!” -Georgia M.


“I am no longer stressed or distressed.  I saw a therapist for five years to no real positive end, but my sessions with the Stanford Method gave me my life back.”

“I quickly learned powerful tools, I let go of the panic and I have now let go of the frightening physical symptoms.”  -Robin K.


“I am not stressed anymore.  This is so simple.  I sit in my recliner, put on one of my MP3s and things just seems to turn around for me.”

“I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life.” -Richard W.


“These sessions did wonders for my self-confidence and esteem.  I always left with a ‘pep’ in my step and more confidence than when I walked in!”

“My friends even recognize ‘a new me’.  I would recommend this program to anyone… who wants to move forward in life…” -Nalreesa M.


“I was extremely stressed.  A few months ago, I was anxiously anticipating major surgery on my left eye.  My retinologist informed me that after surgery I would have to keep my head in one position for six weeks.”

“Just the thought of having to keep my head buried in this position (in a face support) gave me an awful feeling of claustrophobia.  (In fact, I had been suffering from claustrophobia for years and the condition had been growing more acute over time).”

“I had only five weeks to correct my problem before the surgery.  Fortunately, the program of sessions, which were tailored for me, were highly successful.  Two and a half years later, I continue to be free of any symptoms of claustrophobia.”

“I do not know of any other method that would have worked so quickly and effectively.  I no longer feel overwhelming stress and I am no longer claustrophobic.”  -Wendy F.



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