Our Stress Management Program

“Stress Less and Enjoy Your Life More”

Stress Management Program- Stanford Method 

 “Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.”  

-Ancient Chinese Proverb

The Stanford Method’s Stress Management Program, part of our Corporate Wellness Series, is designed to help participants return to a state of optimal physical, mental and emotional health.   Incorporating an effective combination of cognitive techniques and  relaxation instruction, stress hormones are reduced and healthy new ways of thinking are established and reinforced.

Most of us think that we know how to relax.  We might think that we’re relaxing at a movie or even on the golf course.  These pursuits may be good diversions from our stressful lives but they don’t achieve anything close to the deep relaxation needed for restoration of mental and physical health.

Why is Stress Management so critically important?

Approximately 40 Million American adults experience stress that is so persistent or excessive, at some point during their lives, that it interferes with their ability to function.  When we are overly anxious, tense or worried- and it is persistent- stress hormones flood our bodies and begin to take their toll.

Stress in the workplace can often be the result of feeling “stuck” in a particular situation.  How many times do we find ourselves really trying hard to accomplish our goals and yet failing miserably?  

This kind of chronic stress (where the body can no longer return to a state of equilibrium) boosts the risk of developing ailments from the common cold and gum disease to obesity, depression and heart disease. Tolerance of stress levels differs from person to person. Some people are able to sustain a highly stressful lifestyle or adapt themselves to a series of stressful events easily. However, many others succumb more readily to a variety of stress-related illnesses and even accidents.

Using cognitive restructuring, we teach participants to buffer the impact of the stress in their lives by thinking more positively.  By learning to challenge negative, irrational thoughts with rational thoughts, participants are taught to steer feelings and behaviors onto a steadier course.

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