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The Stanford Method for Habit Control and Addictions


Overcoming Addictions:   Many of the clients that we see at all of the Stanford Method wellness programs have issues with habit control and addictions.  Most of those individuals feel helpless recognizing that they’ve developed some seriously dysfunctional habits and don’t seem able to do anything about them.

Without question, we recognize that people who feel content and empowered consistently make better decisions than those who constantly find themselves in the throws of negativity and depression. Unfortunately, maintaining this positive mental state of mind takes practice.  Barriers to taking the actions you know that you need to take may crop up.  Old beliefs and programs that exist at a deep level may not support you and very often sabotage your best efforts.

For example, if you have attempted to lose weight, but keep gaining back what you just lost — it may be that you have mental programming reinforcing that you are not worthy of looking and feeling your best.  Or, it could be that your stress levels are very high and food is your “anti-anxiety” drug of choice.

If even the thought of stopping smoking makes you anxious and uncomfortable, chances are that you have strong mental programming reinforcing that addiction.  Once again, you may find yourself slipping after a successfully stopping for a time.

Mind Control Techniques That Work:   Fortunately, there are powerful ways to stay strong in the face of the ever present obstacles. 

One of the most powerful mind control techniques is to simply close your eyes and picture a time in the future when you expect things will be much better. Visualize events in your life going the way you want them to go instead of rehearsing the worst case scenario.

It is even more powerful to use visualization to mentally rehearse things unfolding ideally and at the same time emotionally connecting to how good you will feel once they do.  As you spend a few minutes , “watching this inner movie” and paying attention to how success feels, positive emotions will flow very naturally.   (We routinely do visualizations with the participants in our Stanford Method programs  and have witnessed immediate positive changes in many of our clients’ emotional states.)

Using these technique can help to consistently facilitate remarkable changes. Before long, these visualized goals begin to alter outdated beliefs and programs. Staying strongly anchored to this positive vision of the future, using the Stanford Method wellness programs,  can make all of the difference.  These and other techniques help our clients to finally conquer their addictions.


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