Negative Thought Patterns and New Year’s Resolutions

Are you struggling to change negative thought patterns and maintain a healthy optimism even though it’s only a few weeks into the New Year?

Posiitve Quote from a Fortune Cookie


Why is it so difficult to change negative thought patterns and stay motivated to move toward goals?   Why are some folks already struggling to keep their New Year’s resolutions?  

When we work with clients who are trying in vain to change their behavior, we fully understood why they find it so difficult.   Although changing thinking patterns and behaviors can be exciting, the downside of the process can lead to stress, anxiety and occasionally failure.  

In light of  the flood of negative thought patterns that can arise, it takes conviction, strength, and commitment to continue to work consistently at reaching a goal.   So, it seems that dreams are not meant for the ‘weak of heart’.  Some folks, in fact, give up far too early, or don’t try at all, because of a crippling fear of failure.  I’ve spoke to a number of people who have sworn off making New Year’s resolutions for just this reason.

If you want to increase the odds of succeeding it’s critical to have support and a systematic process – that will help you to stay strong and committed.  (Remember these unwanted behaviors and negative thought  patterns may have been practiced for years and years.)

This is what we do in our Corporate Wellness Programs and individualized coaching sessions:

1.     We begin with your goal.  We can help you to clarify that goal and help you to define specifically what you intend to achieve and why it’s important to you. 

2.    Secondly, we can help you to clarify how you are going to achieve that goal.  

3.    We can then work on helping you to move forward every day – with our meditation process.  Using that process consistently will help dissipate stress and furthermore you will find yourself effortlessly taking one small step after another until positive thinking and behaviors become the norm. 

4.  Beyond this, a person’s ability to succeed hinges on his or her level of confidence and self-esteem.  All too often, the folks who fail are the ones that have short-changed themselves. They haven’t give themselves credit for the skills, knowledge, triumphs and successes that they’ve already achieved – achievements that can serve as important assets in keeping you on the path.  

Using our simple meditation practice, we can teach you how to continue to focus more of your attention on your victories and on your accomplishments, so that you will be in the kind of positive, passionate state necessary to reach your goals.

We hope that this year, you will not only be someone who makes resolutions, but you will be someone who keeps resolutions.  As you consistently change negative thought patterns, your New Year’s resolutions will become easily achievable. 

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