Is Employee Wellness Passe?

A lot has changed since we started doing employee wellness seminars some twenty years ago.  Most of what we spent time on, way back when, was Smoking Cessation.  As many of you know, the demand for Smoking Cessation Programs has diminished over the years.  Fewer adults are smoking and we call that a victory!

Our second most popular seminar was Weight Reduction.  These days, even the weight loss landscape has changed.

Most of the requests for our Corporate Wellness Seminars are for Stress Management.  Wellness Managers are finding employees who are coping with a lot more- both inside the work environment and at home.  And, fortunately, admitting that you’re stressed is no longer a taboo.

Our second most requested of our Wellness Seminars is for Weight Reduction.  Yes, folks are still concerned about their weight but not so much by the numbers registered on a scale.  Their concern has shifted to their health and their fitness level.

From a personal perspective, we’re thrilled.  More and more of the participants in our sessions seem to be fairly knowledgeable about what they need to do and they’re excited to embrace tools to help them to reach their goals.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to adapt to a changing marketplace and a more sophisticated employee base.  We’re excited to be going strong and hope to continue to present wellness in a way that is anything but passé!

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