Five Proven Steps for Stress Management



In our Stress Management program, we teach five simple steps that can make a dramatic difference in your life:

1. Avoid Hassles-  It may seem logical but sometimes, in order to manage stress, we need to be reminded to think outside the box.  If a daily commute is making you overly anxious, maybe car-pooling or taking public transportation might be a better option.

2. Sleep Questions about sleep patterns are some of the most important questions that we ask clients who are experiencing chronic stress.  Many well-meaning individuals fall into the trap of thinking that they can get more accomplished by sleeping less.

Of course, that’s not true.  We need to recognize that sleeping isn’t optional, and we can’t reduce stress by skimping on it.

3. Breathe- Even in an office, deep breathing is the easiest relaxation technique to incorporate into our day.  We can do this at our desk or standing near a window.

Just place you hands on your stomach.  Inhale, expanding your stomach.  Then exhale slowly.  Repeat this about 8-10 times.

4. Stretch- Become aware of where your muscles tense during the day.  Learn to do simple stretches of the areas that hold most of their tension- your back, neck or maybe your upper body.

If you haven’t learned to stretch before, consider taking a yoga class.  You will learn to stretch every part of your body!

5. Centering The Mind- It’s very important to have a practice to relax your mind deeply so that you will be able to really unwind and feel centered.  (When we’re in stress overload even seemingly relaxing activities, like vacationing, might not work).  A consistent, daily practice is the best tool to use to feel good consistently.

In all of our Corporate Wellness Programs, including our Stress Management Program, we incorporate a relaxing guided meditation.   Our dynamic meditation is designed to be easy to learn and easy to practice. 

As Thich Nhat Hanh has said about meditation practice, “When we sit down peacefully, breathing and smiling with awareness, we develop sovereignty over ourselves”.  We like to add that with sovereignty over ourselves, we can easily incorporate stress management into our lives.



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