Our New York Area Corporate Wellness Programs: An Overview

 The Stanford Method’s In-Person Wellness Seminars

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We have designed and conducted corporate wellness seminars for the employees of hundreds of Fortune 500 Companies and hospitals in the New York Metropolitan Area: Manhattan; Queens; Staten Island; Brooklyn; Long Island; Westchester; New Jersey and Connecticut.

  •  Each of our   Corporate Wellness Seminars is interesting, upbeat and very effective.

  •  Our seminars are easy to schedule.  We provide all of the promotional material that you might need.

  •  Our scheduling is flexible in that we can schedule seminars on two consecutive lunch hours (Lunch and Learn) or for two hours during the day or after work.

  •  Our programs are affordable and all follow-up material is included in the seminar fee.

Programs Offered:  All programs consist of a patented combination of proven cognitive and relaxation techniques.

  • “Stop Smoking/Stop Vaping”

  • “Relax and Lose Weight”

  • “Stress Management”

In a 1995 report on alternative medical care, the National Institute of Health concluded that, “More than 30 years of research, as well as the experience of a large and growing number of individuals and health care providers, suggests” that  relaxation instruction can “lead to better health, higher quality of life, and lowered health care costs…”

Ready to find out more?  Please contact us today to find out how the Stanford Method‘s Corporate Wellness Seminars can help you and your coworkers become fitter, more satisfied and more productive.

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