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In-Person Corporate Wellness Seminars in the New York Metro Area and Online Stress Management, Weight Reduction and Smoking Cessation Courses

Thank you for visiting us at the Stanford Method.   We are passionate about providing the most effective Corporate Wellness Programs  in the New York Metropolitan area and the most effective Online Wellness Courses.

In-Person Corporate Wellness Programs and Online Wellness Courses:

Whether you are attending one of our Corporate Wellness Programs in the New York Metropolitan area, our programs are designed to help participants clarify health and wellness goals and have greater success in their lives.   As one of our seminar participants recently wrote, “Attending your ‘Stress Management Program’  has been a life altering experience.  I have always prided myself on being physically healthy but now I am stronger and fitter mentally as well.”

For some participants,  the experience is a new-found ability to give up a strong addiction to cigarettes with little or no discomfort.  For others, it’s discovering the benefits of deep relaxation.  Still others are able to move past the dysfunctional thoughts and even a chronic stress that has been holding them back.

The Stanford Method programs have evolved over the past twenty years.  We use a combination of techniques that center around our unique combination of  breathing exercises, guided meditation, therapeutic hypnosis and other proven  cognitive techniques.

This powerful combination can help you or your employees to find ways to break through self-perceived limitations. Through the years we have experienced success at the very highest level, having worked successfully with many Fortune 500 companies and hospitals in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

We invite you to call us for a free initial consultation, without obligation, to enable us to offer you a meaningful program built  around your company’s needs and requirements or your individual needs. 

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