Our New College Teacher Professional Development Program


Become the Best Teacher in Your Community College, College or University Using “The Stanford Method of Excellence in Teaching” .

“Great Teaching is More than Just Instructing”– Dr. LaMarr Stanford

The Stanford Method of Excellence in Teaching” is a new initiative that we have started with the help of the award winning, recently retired Professor LaMarr O. Stanford, JD LLM ATP CFI.  He has been teaching at the College/University level for the last 26 years.  Over that time, he has amassed a large inventory of effective teaching tools that he feels can help every teacher become the effective and revered teacher that they’ve always wanted to be.  Professor Stanford knows that these teaching techniques work as he has tested and proven their effectiveness over many years of successful teaching.

Professional development is sadly lacking in the college teaching ranks.  It is assumed that if you have an advanced degree in the subject matter that you can effectively teach others in that area.  WRONG!

We can all remember classes where we had to SUFFER through another boring, uninspiring and non-stimulating class taught by a disinterested PhD who would have rather been working in his/her research lab than teaching a class.  Subject mastery is the first and a very important quality of a great teacher, BUT there are some other crucial elements of teaching that must be learned over time.  Great teaching is more than just instructing.  Professor Stanford introduces our clients to the many tools he has used effectively in his classes that have consistently ranked him by his students and peers as a great teacher.

Most professional societies like the medical, legal and engineering associations require continuing education for members to remain accredited in their field.  Even most college programs need to be accredited on a continuing basis, BUT NOT THE TEACHERS IN THOSE PROGRAMS!

While most accreditation bodies look at syllabi and other elements in the program, they overlook one of the most important indicators of the quality of the program- the teachers.

Is this a rational way of assessing the worth of a program?

Some programs do in-class evaluations by peers for tenure evaluation of new faculty, but often these are simply done to check a box.  Most often published, peer reviewed papers and research activities are given much higher weight than teaching effectiveness in class.  Adjunct faculty, on the other hand rarely, if ever, get any in-class evaluation or professional development.  We need to do better.

Is an advanced degree the only ticket a college professor needs to have to become an effective teacher? Sadly, in many cases. this is the only standard of entrance into the halls of higher learning.  We need to do better and the 4 hour “Stanford Method of Excellence in Teaching” Seminar can help you to take a large step forward in improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching at your institution.

We can guarantee that every faculty member who attends our seminar will be given tools that they can apply the next day in class that will make them more effective, exciting and appreciated by their students. This is a win/win/win program for the college, the teacher and the students.

Are you ready to “sharpen your saw” as the late Stephen Covey exhorted in his vastly successful book entitled, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”?

Call us today for more information about how our Teaching Seminar can help your faculty to become the effective and revered teachers they’ve always wanted to be.

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