Is Employee Wellness Passe?


A lot has changed since we started doing employee wellness seminars some twenty years ago.  Most of what we spent time on, way back when, was Smoking Cessation.  As many of you know, the demand for Smoking Cessation Programs has diminished over the years.  Fewer adults are smoking and we call that a […]

From our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Healthy Eating

Six Simple Rules form our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Knowing that “Weight Reduction” is part of our Corporate Wellness Program, people are constantly asking us to recommend “a diet”.  This is the plan that we recommend- whether or not you are at your ideal weight.

It is a philosophy that we’ve refined over the years […]

The Stanford Method Wellness and Addictions Programs

Addictions and Stanford Method


The Stanford Method for Habit Control and Addictions


Overcoming Addictions:   Many of the clients that we see at all of the Stanford Method wellness programs have issues with habit control and addictions.  Most of those individuals feel helpless recognizing that they’ve developed some seriously dysfunctional habits and don’t seem able to do anything about them.

Without question, we recognize that […]