Curb Emotional Eating and Supercharge Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction

Are you engaging in emotional eating?   Take back control with these ideas.


Emotional eating is a sure way to sabotage  weight reduction by leading you to overeat, especially highly-processed, unhealthy foods. But the good news is that if you’re prone to emotional eating, you can take steps to regain control of your […]

From our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Healthy Eating

Six Simple Rules form our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Knowing that “Weight Reduction” is part of our Corporate Wellness Program, people are constantly asking us to recommend “a diet”.  This is the plan that we recommend- whether or not you are at your ideal weight.

It is a philosophy that we’ve refined over the years […]

A Question From Our Weight Reduction Program: “What about women over forty and weight loss?”

Weight Loss and Women

Can We Still Lose Weight?


It seems like someone asks us about weight loss for women over forty at least once a week at one of our Weight Reduction Program classes.  The answer to  this weight loss question is complicated.

New research out of Monash University in Australia demonstrates that as we age key appetite […]