Will Practicing Meditation Improve My Life?

Practicing Meditation

Daily Meditation Practice

There is a lot of literature that backs up the benefit of a daily meditation practice.  So, whether you’re concerned about changing unhealthy habits, concerned about a difficult work situation or just plain anxious about the future, you might be wondering  if practicing meditation every day could help your situation.

There are  a few […]

Five Proven Steps for Stress Management

Stress Management


In our Stress Management program, we teach five simple steps that can make a dramatic difference in your life:

1. Avoid Hassles-  It may seem logical but sometimes, in order to manage stress, we need to be reminded to think outside the box.  If a daily commute is making you overly anxious, maybe car-pooling or taking public transportation might be […]

From Our Stress Management Seminar: How Much Stress Are You Under?

How much stress are you under?

How Much Stress Are You Really Under?

If you are curious about how much stress you are really under, take this test from our Stress Management Seminar.   The results may really surprise you.

How Much Stress Are You Under? For every “Yes” that applies, give yourself the points as listed. Upon completion, total the score […]

Meditation To Develop A Relaxed Nature

Meditation and a Relaxed Nature


A Wonderful Teaching Tale About Meditation

I recently heard a powerful teaching tale about meditation.   In this tale, the we learn how Isabella learns to develop a relaxed nature. 

Throughout history the allegory, the novel and the teaching tale have been used very effectively to teach truths and to make […]

The Stanford Method Wellness and Addictions Programs

Addictions and Stanford Method


The Stanford Method for Habit Control and Addictions


Overcoming Addictions:   Many of the clients that we see at all of the Stanford Method wellness programs have issues with habit control and addictions.  Most of those individuals feel helpless recognizing that they’ve developed some seriously dysfunctional habits and don’t seem able to do anything about them.

Without question, we recognize that […]

Meditation: A Natural Remedy for Stress and Anxiety

Remedy for Stress and Anxiety

Practicing Meditation for Stress Management

“We are troubled only by the fears which we, and not our nature, give ourselves.”  -Blaise Pascal


Confusion can sometimes set in as we search for a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.  We may think that a week away or a trip to the […]

Is There a Natural Solution for Chronic Stress?

Stress Solution

An Effective Natural Solution for Chronic Stress

As chronic stress becomes more prevalent, more and more people are searching for a natural solutions.  The heavier the demands on the individual and the longer the situation continues the more serious the symptoms will be and the more we need to know about this […]