Is Employee Wellness Passe?


A lot has changed since we started doing employee wellness seminars some twenty years ago.  Most of what we spent time on, way back when, was Smoking Cessation.  As many of you know, the demand for Smoking Cessation Programs has diminished over the years.  Fewer adults are smoking and we call that a […]

From our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Healthy Eating

Six Simple Rules form our Corporate Wellness Program- “Weight Reduction”

Knowing that “Weight Reduction” is part of our Corporate Wellness Program, people are constantly asking us to recommend “a diet”.  This is the plan that we recommend- whether or not you are at your ideal weight.

It is a philosophy that we’ve refined over the years […]

Negative Thought Patterns and New Year’s Resolutions

Goals and Negative Thought Patterns

Are you struggling to change negative thought patterns and maintain a healthy optimism even though it’s only a few weeks into the New Year?


Why is it so difficult to change negative thought patterns and stay motivated to move toward goals?   Why are some folks already struggling to keep their New Year’s resolutions?  

When we work with […]

Stressed? Take A Calming Breath

stress management technique

 Mastering a Calming Breath When You’re Stressed is a Simple Stress Management Technique

Are you stressed most of the time?  Did you know that mastering the calming breath is an easy-to-learn stress management technique that can be practiced anywhere?

You have probably taken a deep breaths before plunging into something – a difficult […]

A Question From Our Weight Reduction Program: “What about women over forty and weight loss?”

Weight Loss and Women

Can We Still Lose Weight?


It seems like someone asks us about weight loss for women over forty at least once a week at one of our Weight Reduction Program classes.  The answer to  this weight loss question is complicated.

New research out of Monash University in Australia demonstrates that as we age key appetite […]

Achieving Success

How Success Is Really Achieved

The Path to Achieving Success


Someone sent this success graph to me yesterday and I thought that it was great!

We often tell ourselves that achieving our goals is hard.  We often think of those who achieve success as “lucky” and we forget that their path to success may not have been clear cut.  What those […]

Can Learning How To Meditate Improve My Self Confidence?

Meditate for Self-Confidence

If a lack of self-confidence has surfaced too often in your life, find out how learning how to meditate can transform your negative fixation and help you find a new sense of self worth.

One of the most profound changes that we notice in our clients, after a few weeks, is their soaring self-confidence as they […]

Why You Can’t Maintain Weight Loss

Weight Loss Roller Coaster

The Weight Loss Rollercoaster

I recently ran into an old friend who got me thinking about my own struggle to maintain weight loss and the weight loss rollercoaster that so many of us are on.  She wanted to tell me all about her latest diet.  She was very sure that she would be able to take off […]

Feel Better During The Holidays (Part II)

Holiday Depression

Are You Struggling with a Seasonal Depression? Here are a few more tips if you’re struggling with depression during the holidays:

Cultivate Optimism

Lots of people get depression during the holidays.  In order to feel better during the holidays, it’s so important to work at developing the habit of seeing the positive side of things. If you’re not […]

How To Feel Better During The Holiday Season- Part I

Feel Better During the Holiday Season


Holiday Season Depression

Are you concerned about how to feel better during the holiday season?   Despite what the movies may depict, happiness doesn’t appear magically because it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”.  Oddly enough, the opposite is true- many people feel what has been described as “holiday season depression“.   Fortunately, we can learn […]